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Action Guides

Download Full Action Guide Workbook:

[insert link when done] Click the play button below to listen to the audio for each Action Guide

You can also download the individual Action Guides and MP3’s below.


Action Guides


Action Guide 1: Creating Your Story

•    Review of Story Elements

•    Begin Writing Your Story

  • Choosing Theme and Genre

  • Character Creation and Development

  • Creating Desire Lines

  • Structuring Plot

  • Streamlining Your Story Using the 5 P’s


Action Guide 2: Treatment, Outline and Script

•   Review of the Three Act Structure and Creation of Plot Points

•    Review of Treatment Elements and Write Your Treatment

•    Review of Step Outline and Write Your Step Outline

•    Review of Script Writing and Formatting
     the Script Professionally


Action Guide 3:  Leveraging Multimedia

•    Strategies to Become World Renowned

•    Strategies to Step onto the World Stage

•    Signing up for Various Social Networking
    and Video Sharing Sites

•    Start Your Own Website and Blog

•    Publicity Strategies

•    Do Your Own Glamour Photo Shoot

•    Case Studies for Viral Videos that Push
    the Envelope


Action Guide 4:  Story Boarding Your Movie and Creating Your Sizzle Piece

•    How to Create a Story Board including
    Sample Story Board

•    Write Short Script for Video Response to
    Building the Back Door to Hollywood

•    Create Your Story Board for the Video

•    Create a Sizzle Piece (Trailer)

  • Edit Your Video

  • Upload Your Video to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

  • Promote Your Video Using Social Media


Supplements to Action Guides

Conquering the Creative Block

Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is get started writing and creating unless you know some fun ways to conquer the creative block and play with movie making magic from your environment.

  • Watch the Conquering the Creative Block Video Series (Videos 1-4) as you follow along with the pdf. It will teach you tricks on how to get started when you’re staring at a blank page. The videos are also located under the Videos header tab.




Production Tips

•    Additional Royalty Free Photo Sites and Public Domain Sites

•    Sample Call Sheet for On Set Production and Sample Shooting Schedule Template

•    Transportation and Company Move Considerations

•    Budget Issues and Budge Spreadsheets

•    Prop & Wardrobe List Sample with Continuity Issues









Film Festival and SAG AFTRA Issues

•   Top Film Festivals with Clickable Links

•    Niche Film Festivals with Clickable Links

•    SAG-AFTRA Requirements

•    Pitching Your Ideas


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