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Lesson 1

Introduction to the Back Door to Hollywood Course

This welcome video and introduction to the Back Door to Hollywood Course gives you step by step instructions on how to proceed with this course and how to navigate this website.  I will be contacting you via email and the Facebook Group to let you know when we will have live calls so please check your email inbox and the Facebook Group from time to time.  This video is also on the home page of this website.

  1. Intro to Course: Watch the Welcome Video

  2. Download Course Curriculum, Action Guides,  Learning Modules, Supplements, Tools and Bonuses.

  3. Complete the (a) What it Takes to Succeed Tool and (b) Clarity Tool Mapping Your Future


Lesson 2

Movie Making Basics Video

In this video, you will learn the basic rules to movie making, including rules for success, types of shots and camera angles, types of themes and genres, and elements of story, which are all essential in film making. This is an important introduction to film making. The video will help you get down the movie lingo and put you in the mindset of a film maker and screenwriter, which is essential if you will be making your own videos and/or movies. Watch this video several times so that you will be prepared to do the action guides in a timely fashion with ease and grace. 

  1. Watch The Back Door to Hollywood: Movie Making Basics Video and Take Notes

  2. Read and Watch Case Studies on Character Development. Click Here to Access Page.

  3. Read and Watch Case Studies on Blockbuster Happy Endings. Click Here to Access Page.


The Back Door to Hollywood: Creating Suspense, Comedy and Drama Video

In this video, you will learn how to create suspense, comedy and drama with various tricks of the trade to heighten the effect of each.You will also learn some of the more common types of clips and special effects used in music videos and how to do quick green screen clips using your webcam or computer camera.

  1. Watch The Back Door to Hollywood: Creating Suspense, Comedy and Drama Video. 

  2. Read and Watch Case Studies on Comedy Set-Up and Payoff. Click Here to Access Page.

  3. Watch Conquering the Creative Block Video Series (videos 1-2) below.

  4. Complete the Clarity and Story Extraction Ideas Tool and the Needle Mover Tool.

Lesson 3

Conquering the Creative Block Video 1 - Introduction

Pay attention to the way the visuals coincide with the audio and how it changes on certain voice inflections, the pace of the pictures that accompany the dialog and the way it engages you as you watch and listen. While this is merely a keynote presentation, it is also done to teach you how sound and visuals are integrally related and if done right, can take your film or video to the next level.

Conquering the Creative Block Video 2 - Overcoming the Fear Factor

This Video addresses the fear factor in getting started and how to overcome some of the negative mind frick that arises when you start something you've never done before.

  1. Fill out the Not to Do List Tool

  2. Watch Conquering the Creative Block Video Series (videos 2-4)

  3. Start Creating Your Story

  4. Download and Complete Action Guide 1 Creating Your Story

  5. Watch Case Studies on Character Development: Yoda from Star Wars. Click Here to Access Page.


Getting Started with Story and the Essentials of Movie Making

Lesson  4

Start Creating Your Story

Conquering the Creative Block Video 4 Old Mind Tricks

This video addresses ways to overcome negative mind frick, the negative thoughts that may arise that create doubt, fatigue or take you out of the game, and teaches you how to pull the plug on negativity and jump on life's creative merry-go-round so you finish you project and have fun while you do it.

Home     Curriculum     Lessons      Videos    Learning Modules    Action Guides    Case Studies      Tools

Below are the Lessons. Make sure to click on the Case Studies links in each as they will contain additional teachings not included in the pdf's that you can download. The curriculum is just a guide so go at your own pace but always attend the live videos no matter where you are in the course. Don't skip over anything because each of the course components are designed to anchor in an unstoppable mindset for success in Hollywood. As you reach each milestone, celebrate your successes.

Lesson  5

  1. Finish Action Guide 1 if you haven't already done so.

  2. Complete the Hollywood Role Models Tool

  3. Watch a blockbuster movie of your choosing, preferably in a genre you choose to make, and observe the different techniques they use to create the story and evoke emotions from the audience. Take mental notes.

  4. Watch a hit television show of your choosing and observe the elements of story and how they chose to evoke emotions from the audience. Take mental notes.

  5. Get in the habit of watching and learning tricks of the trade as you do. Always learn from the masters. Success leaves clues.


Continuing Your Story and Finding Your Own Hollywood Inner Hero

  1. Watch and Complete Exposing Your Inner Villain and Unleashing Your Hollywood Inner Hero Tool

  2. Work on Creating Your Treatment and Outline for Your Script by Downloading and Completing Action Guide 2 Treatment, Outline & Script 

  3. Review notes from Week 1 and watch videos again to reinforce the teachings so it is easier to do the Action Guides.

Refining Your Story

Lesson  6

Tricks of the Trade: Get Educated, Organized and the Resources You Need.

Lesson  7

Preproduction and Production Tips and Online Resources

Getting started, getting creative, getting focused and getting organized are critical if you want to make a professional Hollywood quality film that will capture your audience. Film makers will their creations into life. To join them, you must know what to do, how to do it and where to find necessary resources. Then you must take massive action to make it a reality. Get into a positive and playful emotional state, "Think and declare "I can do it," believe you can make it happen and take the actions we teach you and you will see positive results and become more certain that you are 100% capable of making your dreams a reality. 

Learning Module 1, Movie Making Madness, will cover various topics so that you can get a firm grasp on the various moving pieces of producing a film.  It has some movie making mantras to keep you focused and positive while you build your own personal Back Door to Hollywood. It will also walk you through the planning stages of making a movie step by step, including pre-production, post-production, choice of music, sound effects and voice overs, transitions, free online resources and sample form agreements needed for independent films, including actor and location releases.

  1. Download and Read Learning Module 1:  Movie Making Madness

  2. Practice Movie Making Mantras

  3. Watch and Complete the Full Focus Spotlight Help Tool

Lesson  8

Tricks of the Trade

Producing a film becomes easier and more enjoyable when you think out of the box and learn tricks of the trade that can save you time and money.  Never underestimate what you can do on the set and in the editing room. It liberates you to have fun filming.

Learning Module 2 will go cover some tricks of the trade I learned while on the set and from my own creative thinking when filming on a shoe string budget with tight deadlines and resources. It includes sections on how to use cheap props effectively, filming tips when shooting yourself, others and/or scenery, post production editing tips and where to file your copyright claim for your movies and videos.

  1. Download and Read Learning Module 2: Tricks of the Trade

  2. Watch Case Studies on Action Movie Secrets and Action Scene Editing Tips.  Click Here to Access Page.

  3. Watch the Zombie Apocalypse Video

  4. Practice Filming on Your Smart Phone using some of the shots and tricks of the trade.

  5. Download and Read 180 Degree Rule (editing tip) and Kickstarter Introduction.

  6. Download and Read the Production Tips Supplement

  7. Download Sample Full Length Budget (Above and Below the Line)

  8. Download Sample Shooting Script

  9. Download Sample Shooting Schedule

  10. Download DVD Slip Cover Template

  11. Download DVD Template

  12. Download Budget Template 


Lesson  9

Watch and Learn Because Success Leaves Clues

In this lesson, you are going to learn from the masters so you start to think like a filmmaker and get those creative juices flowing. You will also learn how t stack positive experiences so that when you experience stagnation or disappointments, you learn to pivot quickly to get back on your success track so you keep moving forward toward your goal.

  1. Watch award winning films in the genres that interest you with the eye of a filmmaker to learn from the masters. Feel free to share your thoughts with the Private Facebook Group.

  2. Watch Success Loop Video.

  3. Complete (a) the Success Loop Tool, (b) the Success Loop Diagram and (Your Success Loop)

Success Loop Video

In this short video, you will learn how to reinforce your successes and wins in Hollywood so that you continue to forge ahead and not let anything take you out of the game.

Conquering the Creative Block Video 3 Getting the Ball Moving

In this video you will learn some fun techniques to get the ball moving. Remember, this is your project and if someone you pass the ball to drops it, it's up to you to pick up that ball and run with it to the finish line.

Learned movies.jpg

Stepping onto the World Stage with the Internet and Social Media Networking 

Lesson  10


Leveraging Multimedia

In this lesson you will begin to step onto the world stage and if you already have a social media presence, you will begin to scale and uplevel. It takes a "whatever it takes" mindset. Keep moving forward. The more fans you have, the more appealing you are to anyone who will hire you as an actor, writer, director, producer etc. because you bring viewers and fans to their projects as well as yours and Hollywood is a business. More fans, views, ticket buys and subscribers means more money. When you have a large social media presence, studios, distributors and streaming platforms are more likely to entertain looking at your films for acquisition.


  1. Read the Momentum Mindset Tool

  2. Download and Complete Action Guide 3 Leveraging Multi-media. Don't stress about finishing it all at once. Do it over time and continue pushing through this course as you do it.

  3. Download and Review the Social Media Marketing & Networking Wheel and Pick 1 to 2 social media platforms to start where you will Promote yourself and build a fan base.

  4. Create Your Facebook and Instagram profiles, profile picture and banners.

  5. Create 3 posts and explore casting and film production job groups on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Wheel.png

Lesson  11

Address Social Networking Issues
and Stepping on the World Stage

The internet is the largest stage in the world and it’s yours for the taking if you know what you’re doing.  You want to gain as much exposure as possible in order to build a very large fan base. The fastest way to do that is to make a viral video so that it attracts the networks and cable stations to you and you are going to learn how to do that in this lesson.

The best way to reach a large number of people and get your message across on the internet today is through video but not just any video. It must be a video that captures and keeps your audience’s attention.


Video is considered by Google as a higher form of engagement than a simple blog or article and ranks higher in the ratings.  Therefore you have a better shot at reaching more people if you do a video rather than a simple article. And the more people that watch your video, the higher you will rank on Google and the more likelihood people who are searching in your niche market will see a link to your video and watch it.


When Google sees a large number of people linking to a video within a 24 hour period, it views that as a high form of engagement and moves the video quickly up in rankings. 

Learning Module 3 discusses the key elements to making a video go viral on the internet so that you get star recognition and build a large fan base quickly.  It includes traffic building strategies, viral video promotion techniques (where and how to’s), including link bait and the launching of coordinated strikes that will increase the likelihood of you appearing on the first page of search engine ranking pages. Make sure to read the pdf because it contains updates in websites and algorithm changes on some social media platforms.

There’s an enormous amount of material here that goes beyond just entertainment videos in case you also want to make professional and entertaining videos for your products and services.  For more information, you can do searches on Google and learn from different internet marketing gurus and case studies of videos that go viral, which I highly recommend.


  1. Download and Read Learning Module 3 Viral Video Tips

  2. Download and Read Viral Video Tips Supplement

  3. Complete the Resourcefulness Tool to Create a Short Entertaining Video

  4. Post a live video showcasing your talent and entertaining your fans on a social media platform of your choice and in the Private Facebook Group. Be creative. Have fun. Know your audience.


Upleveling and Expanding Your Online Stage

In this lesson you will continue working on building your online platform and social media networking. You will also start posting engaging content that captures and builds your audience. If it's in keeping with the positive environment I have on my large social media pages. 


  1. Continue Working on Building Your Online Platform and Social Media Networking. 

  2. Post an entertaining video or poster with or without a story at least 3 times a week. It could be as simple as a quote from someone or your own quotes.

  3. Share it to the group so that we all have an opportunity to see it and share it if we feel like it fits our own social media groups and platforms.

  4. Make sure you use hashtags on Instagram and share viral posts that are relevant to your fans.


Lesson  12

Lesson  13

Creative Artist's Break

In this lesson you will have a chance to play with what you learned thus far.


  1. Take an artist's break:  kKeep your camera and smart phone handy to record and creativity in case you get creative flashes of genius that you want to act on immediately.

  2. Try out different camera angles and play with the creative energy all around you.

  3. Watch Swan Lake video below. This is what I did on one of my creative artist breaks. I went to a lake and filmed a swan family. I edited the clips and added music from

Lesson  14


Green Screen Do's and Don'ts

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of green screening in order to help you get started using green screens, including how to set up your green screen, the do’s and don’ts during filming and proper lighting. Green Screens are a great way to add different backgrounds and special effects to your movies. It is one of the best tricks of the trade in Hollywood and opens up infinite possibilities for the creative film maker.  Green screening ultimately saves you time and money in shooting different sets.


Learning Module 4 will help you get started using green screens, including how to set up your green screen, the do’s and don’ts during filming and proper lighting. If you choose to use an iphone or other smart phone for some the filming exercises in the course or any of your clips, you can find smart phone accessories that contain professional LED ring lights, tripods, phone filming kits, focus and pan accessories. It's very affordable. Just go online and Google professional filming equipment for smart phones and LED rings.


If you need a visual tutorial on green screening in Final Cut Pro X, you can google the editing software you have and there are plenty of video tutorials. Advanced techniques, including layering, motion trafficking, key framing, masking and many others require patience but they are easy to master. If you want to avoid editing problems, work with a green or blue screen and make sure you don't have green or blue on your clothes (remember people may have blue eyes), and you have good lighting. You can also key out backgrounds of other colors with luma keying, masking tools and layering.


When you master green screening, you can use some of the special effects Bonus material that came along with this course as backdrops to make some great looking green screen clips. You can also find great free video backdrop loops at  If you want to pay for a membership service, you can also use 


If you learn green screen technology, you become a very valuable resource in this industry, especially because the industry is pivoting to sound stage production given the pandemic and uncertain state of affairs in major cities across he country.

Click on play to the right to listen to the MP3 as you follow along with the Learning Module. You can also download the MP3 here:  


  1. Download and Read Green Screen Do's and Don'ts.

  2. Watch Green Screen Case Studies. Click here to Access Page.

Introduction to Green Screen, Story Board and Sizzle Piece (Teaser)

Lesson  15


Creating a Green Screen Video Clip with Story Board

In this lesson you will have a chance to play with what you learned about Green Screens. You will also create a story board of your video. It doesn't have to be fancy. You can even use stick figures.


  1. Create a Green Video Clip or Fun Green Screen Photo and share it on social media and in the Private Facebook Group

  2. Create a Story Board and Sizzle Piece (even if just stick figures)

  3. Download and Complete Action Guide 4 Story Boarding Your Movie and Creating Your Sizzle Piece

Addressing Story Board
and Sizzle Piece Issues

Lesson  16


Working on Your Story Board and Sizzle Piece

In this lesson you will learn how to title safe your film and how to create a story board. Whenever you use titles, subtitles and credits in any video of film, you must make sure they will not be cut off when burned to a DVD or viewed on television or cable.  There are title and action safe zone grids in movie editing software to help you edit your movie so that all important titles and actions will appear on screen no matter where the movie is shown. In this Supplemental Learning Module, I teach you how to use the title and action safe zone grids and what to be aware of on set when filming so that you can frame your important character action so that nothing important will be cut off later on.  Even if you run into problems in the editing room, there are advanced editing techniques to action safe your movie.  The transform tool in Final Cut Pro X is one way to correct that problem.

  1. Continue working on your Story Board and Sizzle Piece (or alternatively an acting reel)

  2. Watch Case Studies on Movie Trailers and Secret Tips to Creating a Quick Movie Trailer on your own. Click here to Access Page.

  3. Download and Read Supplement to Learning Modules: How to Title and Action Safe Your Movie

  4. Watch Knight Club Video and Chasing Fairy Tail  Video Trailers:  These were done with an iMovie Trailer Template because I needed quick ones for a Film Festival that invited me after seeing the web series on the internet.


Lesson  17


Film Festivals/Film Markets/Networking Secrets

Film Festivals are a great way to network with celebrities, producers, directors and other filmmakers who already established in Hollywood.  So don’t be shy about strutting your stuff and getting to know people while you’re there.  You must promote yourself and your film if you want to be in this industry.


In this lesson you will learn about the process of getting your movie on the big screen through submission to some of the top film festivals, niche festivals and film markets, and how to improve your chances of acceptance. You should also apply to local film festivals so you can be a Big Fish in a Small Pond. You will also learn how to run a successful Kickstarter Campaign, step by step (beyond the first introductory lesson) and some of the top crowd funding sites and the difference between them. 

  1. Download and Read Supplement to Learning Modules: Getting Your Film Onto the Big Screen

  2. Download and Red Film Festivals Networking Supplement

  3. Download and Read Supplement to Learning Modules: Top Film Markets/Variety.

  4. Download and Read Supplement to Learning Modules: How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign (from Bonus materials)

  5. Review Course Materials for Back Door to Hollywood

  6. Record and post a creative wrapping it up video to the Private Facebook Group.

  7. Complete the Your Commitment Chart Tool.

  8. Watch the Networking Secrets with Beth Rosen video.



Wrapping it Up with

Film Festival Checklists, Film Markets and Networking Secrets


Copyright © 2020. All Rights Reserved.


In this video, you will learn a fun mind trick to deal with a turn coat situation or sudden shift to negativity, which can be common in the industry. Don't take it personally. Just keep going.  People change their minds all the time about casting, deals, relationships, network and cable mandates, etc. 

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