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Back Door to Hollywood
How to Video Series

Moving Making Basics

IIn this video, you will learn the basic rules to movie making, including rules for success, types of shots and camera angles, types of themes and genres, and elements of story, which are all essential in film making.


This is an introduction to film making. The video will help you get down the movie lingo and put you in the mindset of a film maker and screenwriter, which is essential if you will be making your own videos and/or movies.


Watch this video several times so that you will be prepared to do the action guides in a timely fashion with ease and grace.

How to Create Suspense,
Comedy and Drama

In this video, you will learn how to create suspense, comedy and drama with various tricks of the trade to heighten the effect of each. 


You will also learn some of the more common types of clips and special effects used in music videos and how to do quick green screen clips using your webcam. We will be adding more green screen tutorials so stay tuned.

Conquering the Creative Block

Video Series


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In this video, you will learn how to secrets of how to conquer the creative block and overcome negative mind frick that stops you from moving forward. The universe loves momentum so you need to be able to turn get going no matter what. 


Success Loop Video

In this video, you will learn how to pull the plug on negativity, move forward on your success loop and become unstoppable.


Mind Trick to Deal With a Suprising

 Change of Heart or Sudden "No" 

In this video, you will learn a fun mind trick to deal with a turn coat situation or sudden shift to negativity, which can be common in the industry. Don't take it personally. Just keep going.  People change their minds all the time about casting, deals, relationships, network and cable mandates, etc. 


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