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Photo Finish

Nominated for Best of the Festival Audience Award at Hoboken International Film Festival, Photo Finish is a short comedy about a frumpy middle-aged woman who gets caught on camera having an affair with a young boy toy. She and her friends go to great lengths to steal the photo and the negatives before her husband finds out. But alas, because of the theft, the photo lands on the front page of the morning newspaper in her husband's hand setting the stage for one lively breakfast conversation.

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About Signature Beth Productions

We are an award-nominated production company focused on creation of original content for a variety of media outlets (film, television and digital platforms),  We are currently in development and preproduction on a variety of media projects, including scripted and unscripted comedy, drama,  science fiction, suspense-thrillers, animation and reality docudramas. We also create and produce videos, podcasts and commercials. Our clients include award winning talent.

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Photo Finish Movie Trailer

Photo Finish Movie Trailer

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Photo Finish

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