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3 Secrets 3 Days
How to Use AI to Help You Launch a Product, Course, Service or Business at Warp Speed


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I am offering a Pre-recorded 3 SESSION TRAINING on how to use AI to help you leapfrog over your competition at warp speed and stand out from the crowd.

You'll learn how to use AI to:

  • launch quickly and efficiently

  • draft targeted marketing copy

  • become faster than the masters and experts 

  • get the results you want in a fraction of the time

  • generate content that sounds like you wrote it

  • increase productivity and learn quickly

  • save time and money

  • cut down research time

  • eliminate creator's block

  • draft compelling content

  • convert text to text

  • convert text to images

  • convert text to videos

CYBER SALE $50 (normally $499)
Offer Expires Monday, 11/28/23


With Beth Rosen

 #1 Best Selling Author
Award Nominated Filmmaker

Certified Knowledge Broker

Professor of Yoga & Healer

Songwriter and Actress
Social Influencer

Content Creator

Film Editor

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"Beth Rosen is a brilliant coach who uses humor and kindness to generously share her deep knowledge of GenAI. After taking the “Faster than the Master Challenge,” I’m confidently off to the races. If you’re curious or wary about using GenAI, let Beth teach you the ropes. You’ll begin benefiting from this amazing tech right away."
– Marianne Heffernan, Connecticut writer, podcaster and content marketer.


3 Day Cyber Sale $50

You'll Also Get:

  • Access to the Pre-recorded Videos with Demos of Prompts

  • Download All Keynote Presentations with Sample Prompts 

  • Access to Private Faster than the Master Facebook Group where we post updates on AI

  • Covers Bard, ChatGPT, Claude, AI's for Art, AI's for Videos, Ethical Considerations

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