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The Secret to Making a Professional Marketing Video for Your Mastermind or Course 


With this Simple 8 Step Process and Video Marketing Template, You Can Make a Professional Marketing Video Right Now for Your Mastermind  or Course.

I am offering a Masterclass Training to get you up to speed quickly with proven techniques to make a professionally polished video to stand out from the crowd and sell your mastermind.

Here's just a sample of what we'll cover in this
Masterclass Training Event:

  • Secrets to look confident and relatable on camera, 

  • How to create a compelling video and visual story, 

  • How to craft an irresistible offer,

  • How to craft titles to capture attention, 

  • How to get people to stop scrolling and watch your video

  • Secrets to make a polished video....

.... and much, MUCH More!

I'll even reveal secret tricks of the trade so you look flawless on your marketing video! 

Bonuses worth over $5,000

Heck,  I will even include some of my own done-for-you professional video clips and the sequential title sequence and models I use for my own marketing videos, as a bonus!

Plus, I will throw in (1) a secret proven structure for your Welcome Video and Introduction, (2) a structure for a captivating and stunning website video and/or video blog entry so you look professional and polished, (3) a structure for a video product and (4) Stand Out From the Crowd Challenge. 

l will show you the secret step by step process to make a professional marketing video for your Mastermind or Course, no matter WHAT you sell or WHO you sell it to. This is important because, once you know this and you have the bonus templates, you can make a professional video quickly and effortlessly and launch your masterminds with confidence, over and over and over again.


Worth over $10,000
But You Only Pay $499!

Offer Expires July, 2023

Price Returns to $999

Taught by Beth Rosen

 #1 Best Selling Author, Award Nominated Filmmaker, Film Editor, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Artist, Screenwriter and Professor of Yoga, Beth Rosen


Don't miss this breakthrough class I am offering! Price doubles
in July 2023

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 11.15.35

Stand Out From the Crowd!

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