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Conquering the Creative Block

Secret Methods to Tap into Creative Prompts Anytime, Anywhere:  A Must Have Toolbox for the Creative Spirit.


Learn Secret Methods to Conquer Creative Blocks Within Minutes and How to Receive Flashes of Genius that Will Fuel Your Writing and Creative Endeavors Forever

This Ground Breaking Mastermind Course Teaches

1) Secret Methods to Conquer the Creative Blocks Within Minutes with a Series of Creative Tools,
2) How to Receive Flashes of Genius that Will Fuel Your Writing and Creative Endeavors Forever, 
3) How to Turn Creative Blocks into Building Blocks,
4) How to Tap into Creative Prompts and Play with Creative Energy, 
5) How to Create Sacred Space and a Playful Creative Environment, and
6) How to Build Your Confidence and Move Forward with Ease and Grace in Your Creative Endeavors. 

7) How to Use AI to Conquer the Creative Block and Move Faster than the Master

Both Instructional and Experiential, the Sessions are Designed to Hocus Pocus Focus You on Your Goals and Get you Started on Your Creative Masterpiece Quickly During the Course with a Creative Toolbox and an Unstoppable Mindset. With the Tools We Provide, You Will  Also Design Your Own Blue Print Plan For Your Next Creative Project.


Bonuses Worth Over $1,000 include:

  • Private Facebook Membership with Access to Live Videos and
    "Divine Shortcut" Creative Tutorials from Beth Rosen 
    Value = $500

  • Mindset for Success Audio Series from Beth Rosen 
    Value = $250

  • Crowdfunding E-Book with Tips To Help You Fund Your Creative Endeavors
    Value = $17

  • Accelerate Your Authenticity E-book
    Value = $30

  • Songwriter’s Worksheet with Song Structure
    Value = $100

  • Blogger’s Worksheet  (includes 3 Easy to Use Blog Structures)
    Value = $100

  • Keynote Speaker One Sheet Worksheet
    Value = $100

Taught by Beth Rosen
 #1 Best Selling Author, Award Nominated Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Artist, Screenwriter and Professor of Yoga, Beth Rosen





“Beth is one of the most prolific writers I have ever worked with. Her writing is original, compelling and when appropriate very funny. She is fearless in her commitment to the writing process and immensely talented. Her perspective and approach to her craft distinguishes  her from the rest of the pack. Her work is skillfully crafted and story driven with completely flushed out characters, that bring her work to life.” – Domenic Casillo, Creator and Executive Producer of G-String Divas.


“First she was my writing student, then my writing protege, then my writing partner, then my co-writer and producer, and now a teacher of her own course. Is there no stopping her! I think I’ll ask her to partner with me in a television production class.” – Mort Scharfman, Emmy Award Winning Writer-Director and Professor


“Beth Rosen is a very creative, inspirational writer with inner vision for a happy world.” – Yogi Ramesh Pandey, World Famous “Laughing Yogi” and Guru Celebrity to the Stars.







Still Unsure About Your Decision? Read On!

The Course is literally worth over $10,000.

To show you how much I want you to succeed with ease and grace,
I cut the discounted cost from $999 to $250 plus I added $1,000


Don't Miss This Chance to Learn How to Conquer the Creative Block and Start Working on Your Dreams Now!

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Normally $999
Sale Price $250

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