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Secret to Making a
Professional Marketing Video

Lesson Six

Writing the Video Script Scene by Scene

In this session, you will learn how to craft your script, step by step with titles, visuals and slides. You will also learn important secrets about which video clips to choose for your teaser. and how to create an irresistible offer.


You can use Keynote Speaker, Powerpoint or any word processing program to create your story board and course or mastermind content for your video, or you can use a keynote,  bullet point title or regular title template from your software editing program, which we will go over in a subsequent video session. If you use a regular word processing program, create the document in landscape view so it matches the rest of your video unless you are creating the video solely for Facebook and using a square frame (to be discussed in a follow up module).


For purposes of storyboarding your marketing video, which is a visual and written representation clip by clip, you can also just jot it down on a piece of paper with stick figure drawings. The rule is K.I.S.S. keep it short and simple. No one will see this except for you, When you do this, by the time you open the video software and begin to edit, you will have your structure ready and it will be much easier and faster. Stay organized and positive. You can make a professional marketing video. Stick to it until you're through it.


Watch the Video and Follow along with the Slides and Too.

Download and Complete the Script and Storyboard Tool. 

Download the Video Slides

Post any questions in the Facebook Group.


Script and Storyboard Slides

Use these slides to follow along with the video presentation and your Tool.

Script and Storyboard Tool

Use this tool to outline your script and title headings and to create a storyboard for your marketing video.

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