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Secret to Making a
Professional Marketing Video

Lesson Seven

Breaking Down the Lingo and Type of Shot for Your Talking Piece

In this session, you will learn about the make up of a sequence in your marketing video, which consists of scenes, shots and frames, and an introduction to how music, rhythm and tempo affect the video and timing of shots. 


This is to address questions that were raised in the Facebook Group and to get your feet wet before we go on camera and jump into the editing software programs. When you understand these basic concepts, and you go step by step through this blueprint,  you will be miles ahead of your competition and able to make videos quickly as needed. And to show you that video editing software is your friend, you are going to trim the beginning or end of either a live video in Facebook or on your smartphone. You just drag the playhead and "scrub" (which means move through) the video to where you want it to start, end or both, and then save the new video. 


Please post any questions in the Facebook Group or email me directly at


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