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Secret to Making a
Professional Marketing Video

Lesson Eighteen

Bonus Structures

In this session, I will give you an image tutorial on using Open Shot software, Movavi software and Final Cut Pro X software with a clip by clip model for your marketing video, incorporating the blueprint and the titles that come with software so you see how easy this is.


Do not get creative paralysis with analysis. Don't let learning the new software take you out of the game. You will have a model to make this easy breezy for you! 


Open Shot software is FREE to Use. You just drag in the titles, change the colors you want, drag in and resize your clips, drag in your music, and follow the blue print. The pay to play software is much faster and easier to use with more options. I recommend the pay to play software if you want to move fast and look very professional.  Movavi Software is a one time business license fee and it has very professional titles to give your marketing video a professional feel. If you use Final Cut Pro X, it's also a one time fee and you can add the plug in titles in from the Plug-in Tool (which is coming October 23). If you have a Mac, then you can use iMovie for free and you will still have a professional marketing video - the titles there are great. If you have Final Cut Pro X, let me know and I will do a version there so you can import the XML file and just change up the clips and titles.


You got this!


Watch the Video.

Download the Bonus Editing Template Tutorial Tool by Clicking Here.

Download the Watermarked Video Here.


Get started by dragging and dropping the watermark video into your software timeline as a reference of where to put titles. The soundtrack I used is from Audioblocks, "Business Freedom" - you need to pay for that music license but there are plenty of other music tracks royalty free for use that are free. They are in an earlier resource tool.


These are Image Tutorials on the Open Shot Site:

1. Download Free Software:  Click Here to Download Openshot

2. Learn How to Drag and Drop Video Clips and Music/Export File: Click Here and View How to Drag and Drop Video Clips and Music into your editing timeline in Open Shot: 

3. Understand the Editing Interface Quickly: Click Here for Overview of Your Software Interface

4. Learn About  Transitions/Cutting Clips with the Slice Tool: Click Here for Transitions/Cutting/Mask

5. How to Access Titles:  Click Here to Learn How to Use Titles


You're almost at the finish line of the course where you will have all the tools necessary to create a video.

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