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Secret to Making a
Professional Marketing Video

Lesson Thirteen

Step 6: Editing for Sound and Visual Effects

In this session, you will learn how to make a professionally sounding video, eliminating background noise and hums, pops from sound, and adding visual effects to make it visually polished, including how to look younger on the video. 


Remember, you can adjust the audio and cut your music and audio tracks just like you cut a video clip, and then fade in and out for smooth transitions. There will be a short follow up video tutorial on this and cropping your video.


Download and Follow along with the Editing For Sound and Visuals Tool and then begin to polish your video.


Post any questions you have in the Facebook Group and email me if you have questions. 


You can do this!


Editing for Sound and Visuals Tool

Use this tool to learn how to create smooth transitions of audio and visuals in your professional video.

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